German localization services from/to Japanese by Yoshino Trad

With more than 100 million speakers, German is the most spoken language of UE, and represents a vast market for the localization of your game or software.

Since Japanese and German differ vastly, literal translations are never an option. Instead, our game and software translators are asked to write texts that are not only accurate, but natural and fluid in the target language. It requires a deep understanding of both languages and it is where our experience comes into play.

We work only with local native translators specialized in video game or software localization and familiar with the genre, whether you are developing an action game, a puzzle game or anything in-between. Our project management team will be available anytime to answer your questions and ensure the localization process goes smoothly on both sides.

Our agency provides localization services between German and Japanese for various specialization fields, including the following:

  1. Video Games
  2. Software
  3. IT
  4. Applications
  5. Software
  6. ... and many others!

To know more about our services and rates, please feel free to request a quote, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.